Does my car need a Transmission Flush?

A transmission flush is only relevant for automatic transmissions. The most common warning signs (from most revealing to least revealing) are:

  • difficult or impossible to select gears
  • slipping occurs during gear shifts
  • frequently missing gear shifts
  • discoloured transmission oil ie. a dark brown colour (in most cases it should be red)
  • transmission oil smells burnt
  • over 30,000 kms since last transmission flush

What could happen if I just ignore the problem?

You face the risk of:

  • a total inability to select gears,
  • leading to a possible roadside
  • breakdown
  • causing extensive damage to transmission, costing you thousands of dollars to repair

What does a Transmission Flush involve?

Our Transmission Flush includes the following:

  • check transmission pipes and hoses
  • check transmission pressure
  • replace transmission oil
  • circulate and filter transmission oil
  • add transmission flush & treatment additives
  • check operation of transmission

How will a Transmission Flush improve my motoring?

Once we have finished the job you will enjoy:

  • smoother gear changes
  • extended life of your transmission

How much does a Transmission Flush cost?

For most vehicles, a transmission flush will cost $160 including GST, parts and labour. However, an extra charge will apply for vehicles that require a special grade of oil; or vehicles that require more than six litres of oil (we can advise you of this before the job is started).

What should I do now?

We suggest you:

  • Phone us on (04) 567 2258 to book your car in; or
  • Bring your car in for a FREE 5 minute appraisal and quote (Yes! We provide FREE written WINZ quotes); or
  • Phone us on (04) 567 2258 for more information – we’re more than happy to advise you!


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