Shock Absorber Replacement

Does my car need a Shock Absorber Replacement?

Your car is likely to need a Shock Absorber Replacement if (from most concerning to least concerning):

  • your steering wheel vibrates uncomfortably
  • your vehicle rocks and rolls a lot over uneven surfaces
  • the bonnet of your vehicle dips down when you brake or slow down
  • your vehicle takes longer to stop
  • your vehicle doesn’t handle properly around corners
  • your tyres are wearing unevenly
  • your vehicle “stabilises” after one bounce
  • your shock absorbers show signs of leakage
  • it has been six years or 60,000 kilometres since you last replaced your shock absorbers

What could happen if I just ignore the problem?

You face the risk of:

  • increased passenger discomfort, especially when traveling on long journeys or over bumpy roads or rough terrain
  • loss of steering control
  • unnecessary wear of your tyres
  • failing your next Warrant of Fitness check
  • loss of braking performance

Tests have shown that if just one shock absorber is worn, a vehicle may need an extra 2.6 metres to
stop. That will often mean the difference between stopping safely and crashing – or injury and death.

Two Types of Shock Absorbers

It is important to know what type of shock absorber is on your vehicle, as this determines the amount of work and expense involved.

The two types of shock absorbers are:

  1. Standard: these are shocks that have springs that are separate from the shock absorber unit
  2. McPherson Strut absorbers: these are shocks that have the springs integrated within the shock absorber unit

If you call us or bring your vehicle in, we can easily identify what type of shock absorbers you have.

What does a Shock Absorber Replacement involve?

Our Shock Absorber Replacement Service includes:

  • check condition of existing shocks
  • remove existing shocks (if worn)
  • install new shocks
  • perform height clearance check
  • perform road test

Plus, if you have a McPherson Strut shock absorber, the service will include the following:

  • strip the shock
  • clean the unit housing
  • replace the cartridge
  • re-assemble the unit

How will a Shock Absorber Replacement improve my motoring?

Apart from eliminating the problems and future risks, you will enjoy:

  • reduced wear on your tyres
  • increased fuel efficiency
  • safer motoring
  • increased comfort
  • improved handling and control

How much does a Shock Absorber Replacement cost?

Standard Shocks: A standard Shock Absorber Replacement will cost $70.

McPherson Strut Shocks: A McPherson Strut Shock Absorber Replacement will cost $170.

These costs include GST and are for replacing both sides. We always recommend replacing both sides at the same time.

Parts will cost extra – usually between $50 and $150.

If you contact us with details of your vehicle, we will gladly provide you with a free estimate or quote.

What should I do now?

We suggest you:

  • Phone us on (04) 567 2258 to book your car in; or
  • Bring your car in for a FREE 5 minute appraisal and quote (Yes! We provide FREE written WINZ quotes); or
  • Phone us on (04) 567 2258 for more information – we’re more than happy to advise you!


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