Disc Brakes

This page deals with replacing disc brakes only – not drum brakes. So let’s establish what sort of brakes you have on your vehicle. If you look through the wheel hub and see a shiny round plate behind it, you’ve almost certainly got disc brakes on that wheel. If not, you’ve probably got drum brakes. You’ll need to check front and back wheels as it’s possible to have both.

Does my car need a Disc Brake Replacement?

The most common warning signs (from most revealing to least revealing) are:

  • a grinding or squealing noise from the wheels (especially when braking)
  • brake pedal pumps up and down more freely than usual
  • brakes do not perform properly

What could happen if I just ignore the problem?

You face the risk of:

  • failing your next WOF check
  • a total brake failure leading to a possible roadside breakdown
  • causing extensive damage to brake discs and brake system which could cost you hundreds of dollars to repair

What does a Disc Brake Replacement involve?

Our Disc Brake Replacement includes the following:

  • check and lubricate brake caliper slides
  • check brake caliper pistons
  • check brake pipes & hoses
  • check and de-glaze discs
  • replace disc pads
  • check and adjust handbrake cables (rear brakes usually)
  • check for oil leaks

How will a Disc Brake Replacement improve my motoring?

Once your disc pads are replaced you will enjoy:

  • improved performance of your brakes
  • safer motoring
  • increased fuel efficiency
  • quieter motoring

How much does a Disc Brake Replacement cost?

Replacing a set of disc brakes (front or back) costs $120, including GST, parts and labour.

What should I do now?

We suggest you:

  • Phone us on (04) 567 2258 to book your car in; or
  • Bring your car in for a FREE 5 minute appraisal and quote (Yes! We provide FREE written WINZ quotes); or
  • Phone us on (04) 567 2258 for more information – we’re more than happy to advise you!


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