Cooling System Service

Does my car need a Cooling System Service?

Your car needs a Cooling System Service (from most urgent to least urgent) if:

  • you find water leaks on your driveway
  • it emits smoky exhaust fumes
  • it is overheating or there is steam under the bonnet
  • there is a noise coming from the engine
  • there is a burning smell coming from the engine
  • the heater or air conditioning doesn’t work properly
  • the temperature light comes on or stays on
  • the engine temperature rises quickly
  • it has been over 10,000 kms or 12 months since its last service
  • it uses a lot of fuel
  • the radiator water is brown or rustcoloured (it should be green, yellow or orange)

What could happen if I just ignore the problem?

You face the risk of:

  • a blown head gasket
  • damage to the cooling system and engine, costing thousands of dollars to repair
  • a complete engine failure or roadside breakdown

What does a Cooling System Service involve?

Our Cooling System Service includes:

  • flush the cooling system
  • add anti-freeze coolant
  • pressure-test the cooling system
  • check for leaks
  • check for perished hoses and leaks
  • check for signs of corrosion
  • check condition of radiator core
  • provide report and quote for repairs (if any)

If the check reveals that repairs are required, it might include the following:

  • replace worn or split clips and hoses
  • replace radiator
  • replace water pump
  • replace head gasket
  • replace radiator cap
  • replace thermostat

It is our practice to inform our customers before undertaking these repairs, unless they instruct us otherwise. Please let us know your requirements.

How will a Cooling System Service improve my motoring?

Apart from eliminating the problems and future risks, you will enjoy:

  • reduced engine wear
  • increased fuel efficiency
  • quieter engine
  • smoother motoring

How much does a Cooling System Service cost?

A Cooling System Service will cost $80 including GST. This includes the cost of replacing your car’s anti-freeze coolant.

If the check reveals that repairs are required, an extra cost for parts and labour will apply. These costs will depend on the repairs involved. We are happy to provide a no-obligation quote for this work, if requested.

What should I do now?

We suggest you:

  • Phone us on (04) 567 2258 to book your car in; or
  • Bring your car in for a FREE 5 minute appraisal and quote (Yes! We provide FREE written WINZ quotes); or
  • Phone us on (04) 567 2258 for more information – we’re more than happy to advise you!


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