Cam Belts

Does my car need the Cam Belt Replaced?

The most common warning signs (from most revealing to least revealing) are:

  • noisy engine
  • warning light appears on dash
  • over 80,000 kms since cam belt last replaced
  • difficulty starting car
  • high fuel consumption

What could happen if I just ignore the problem?

You face the risk of:

  • a roadside breakdown causing extensive engine damage, costing you thousands of dollars to repair

What does a Cam Belt Replacement involve?

Our Cam Belt Replacement includes the following:

  • check power-steering belt
  • check air-conditioning belt
  • check alternator belt
  • check auto tensioner
  • check cam belt idlers
  • check external condition of water pump
  • check oil seals
  • check and replace cam belt (cost of belt is extra)
  • check power-steering fluid level
  • check and adjust cam timing
  • check and adjust ignition timing
  • check engine mount

How will replacing the Cam Belt improve my motoring?

Once we have finished the job you will enjoy:

  • reduced engine wear and damage
  • increased fuel efficiency
  • quieter engine
  • improved engine performance
  • greater engine reliability
  • easier engine starting
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