Motoring Tips

People often ask me what the best motoring advice is. I believe everyone wants a vehicle that:

  • runs well (no breakdowns)
  • runs efficiently (uses less fuel)
  • holds it’s value as much as possible

The best advice I can give you is this…


A vehicle with a regular service history breaks down less often; uses less fuel; and can be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars more on re-sale that a neglected vehicle.

But all too often, vehicle owners just wait until their motoring problem reaches a critical point. This often causes extra motoring problems, involves greater expense, and creates extra stress for the car owner.

So we have written a series of easy-to-understand articles relating to the most common motoring problems and how you can manage them (just click on the ones that interest you):

If you would like hard-copies of these articles, we have them available free-of-charge in brochure form. Feel free to call in at our workshop and collect one.

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